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Campaign Manager + Suggester

Marketing ideas that transform your business
Marketing dashboard

Marketing dashboard

Monitor and develop your marketing performance from anywhere. Take the guesswork out of marketing with the Adzet Marketing Platform on your desktop or device.

Marketing campaigns

Basic suggestions for new campaigns

Adzet's algorithm uses PROI™ (Predictive Return on Investment), a smart system that compares current campaigns with thousands of industry options and gives you suggestions.

Test marketing

Test new marketing campaigns and activities

Simply click on the marketing suggestions in your dashboard for full info. Select to test or archive. Develop a 'live' Marketing Plan to grow your business.

Secure marketing

Secure and confidential

A confidentiality agreement is signed on joining, protecting your business information.

Rank marketing

Enter & rank marketing activities

Use the simple wizard and Marketing ROI Tool to enter marketing activities. From one to unlimited products or brands, Adzet helps you manage and build successful marketing.

Marketing suggestions

Complete suggestions for new campaigns

Adzet's local market experts review the algorithm suggestions. Each week they suggest new marketing campaigns most likely to succeed for your business and brands.

Media planning

Manage growth strategy and media planning

As the Campaign Manager helps you understand which marketing activities work, your Adzet Account Manager can help you plan new campaigns to grow.

Marketing trial

Risk Free Trial

All paid memberships come with a free trial period and 100% money back guarantee.

Why so many businesses love Adzet

"You have greatly helped us get our marketing and PR on track..."

- Peter Washer, The White Lady Ltd

"The website and internet marketing has been fantastic..."

- Frances Hammond, Quay Park Surgical

"Your marketing advice and assistance has been extremely useful."

- Jimmy Wu, Cosmopolitan Retirement Village

Get new marketing ideas, campaign management and a trusted online media planner.