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Marketing Strategy with Adzet

99% of firms won't reach their potential because their marketing strategy isn't fully developed.
We're changing that.  Adzet's Marketing Platform puts you in control of your marketing.
It predicts the best campaigns or activities for you to grow and helps implement.

Manage online / offline media on one dashboard:

  • Campaign Manager + Suggester™

    Monitor and develop your marketing performance from anywhere. Get weekly suggestions for new campaigns from Adzet's predictive system + local experts.

  • Marketing ROI Tool

    Use the simple wizard to add ROI information to the Campaign Manager and understand Return On Investment for each activity. Optimize marketing strategy.

  • Global Marketing Service

    Get the marketing advice and support you need from your marketing dashboard. Access international media and a joint buying system, achieving amazing value.

  • Marketing University

    Learn how to market with fresh inspiration weekly from the internet's #1 marketing digest. Ask questions, get answers and increase your understanding.

  • Campaign Manager + Suggester

    A secure marketing dashboard where you can enter/rank marketing activities, get intelligent suggestions and test new campaigns.

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  • Marketing ROI Tool

    A tool in the Campaign Manager that helps you calculate the Return On Investment for marketing activities.

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  • Global Marketing Service

    Professional marketing management and advice available 24/7 from your dashboard.  Set yourself free to focus on your business.

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  • Marketing University

    The opportunity to engage with the latest developments in online marketing, advertising campaigns, media options and more.

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Business Development is our Mission

Adzet helps organizations find and reach more customers at less cost

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The benefits

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Get new customers and better CPA*

Adzet suggests new marketing with a focus on improving CPA. *('Cost per Acqusition' - how much it costs to start a new customer buying from you). The Adzet Marketing Platform has been proven to increase new customers and lower CPA.

Grow faster and more sustainably

Adzet provides a platform where you can get control of your marketing and understand the ROI (Return on Investment) of each activity in order to achieve sustainable growth.

Create a 'LIVE' marketing plan

Adzet helps you develop a portfolio of activities you can rely on to grow sales. Your marketing plan is online and refined 'live' every day to provide a powerful growth lever for your business!

Build responsive growth strategy

The Adzet Platform helps your business become more responsive to market changes. The Campaign Manager + Suggester™ responds automatically, suggesting new options for growth.

Keep demand high and sales growing

Markets are crowded and the sales of most products is a direct function of the skill and extent of the marketing behind them. Adzet puts the opportunities in front of you to maximise demand and sales.

Automate your marketing management

Adzet's platform is cloud based. It brings huge efficiencies and cost savings to the previous cumbersome and expensive process of selecting, testing and managing the marketing activities that grow businesses and brands.

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