Placement Agent

Private Placement Agent

Great returns get attention but it's not the whole story. A unique offer and clear evidence of potential communicated well helps match managers with investors. Adzet employs its marketing algorithm to analyse data and help clients follow the strategies of the most successful asset raisers.

Studies show that private placement agents improve fundraising by more than 50%. We believe we can improve on this marketing with our algorithm process.

"Established managers using placement agents from 2015 through July 2016 beat fundraising targets 63% of the time, compared to 41% of managers that did not use placement agents. First-time managers were also more likely to exceed their targets while using placement agents, with 40% of users surpassing fundraising targets compared to 29% of non-users."
- Chief Investment Officer, August 2016

Adzet harvests and maintains market intelligence in the hedge fund and private equity industries, maintaining proprietary databases of allocators, funds and investments, seeking constantly to make suitable matches between clients and investors. Broadly, our placement agent service is managed under our 'Retained Plan', providing a full time professional third party marketing effort where fees are aligned to performance and investment managers can minimise overheads.

How does it work?

Third party marketing is a specialised area and we work through a number of steps, including:


(1) Researching the fund and analysing investability and targets.

(2) Matching the fund to data on current and previous investments.


(1) Providing and agreeing a proposal outlining the placment agent service.

(2) Development and improvement of all required marketing materials.

(3) Preparation of a detailed communications and monitoring plan.

(4) Assistance with implementation of the plan to generate opportunities.

(5) Tweaking and refinement of the approach based on data and continued assistance with raising AUM.

Placement agent services are tailored and specialised. Please request a third party marketing proposal to get more detail.